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Our Story

Sisters Helen and Leslie have been practicing styling ever since they were little girls. Helen remembers clomping around in her mom’s sandals when she could barely walk and stealing her dad’s ties and blazers in high school. (It was the 80s, after all.) Leslie recalls sneaking into her older sibling’s room to find the perfect accessory for an outfit. This love of clothing drew both women to New York in their 20s where they learned that not only are there a million ways to style black pants, but also great fashion can be attainable, practical, and most importantly, fun. It may be a few years later, but these sisters are just as passionate about clothing and want to help women feel the same sense of excitement and confidence when getting dressed every day.

Personal styling is a creative process. We love helping people think of their clothes in new and different ways.

Hem&Her 8-2018-7326 EXTRA HELEN.jpg

Style Editor: Helen

Style Story: Preppy-Chic

Structured with lots of color

More high-low than low-high

Most surprising piece in closet: denim overalls

Heels or flats/sneakers: sneakers 

Style Muse: Michelle Williams

Hem&Her 8-2018-7452 C EXTRA LESLIE.jpg

Style Editor: Leslie

Style Story: Classic-Edgy

Laidback and understated

More low-high than high-low

Least surprising piece in closet: anything black!

Heels or flats/sneakers: heels

Style Muse: Cate Blanchett


Helen and Leslie with their first client, 

little brother Price!

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